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Why reCollect?

First steps to use reCollect

  • Swipe an item to the right to mark it as completed.

  • Check out the completed items. Swipe an item to the left to mark it as in progress.

  • Add new items to your collection fast and easily.

  • From the side menu you can access to other functions: user settings, filters, help, etc.

What do people say about reCollect?

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    I like this app and I am glad I found it. Other show trackers do not always have all the shows I am watching or have watched. It's the best I've found for my needs.

  • User Avatar

    Great app! Really useful app for tracking your current episode of your favorites TV series. Congrats!

  • User Avatar

    Nice. Good concept and super easy to use.

  • User Avatar

    Very efficient. Clean menus, simple and easy on the eyes.

  • User Avatar

    Does what it does. And does it well.

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